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KnowledgePact Differentiators

At KnowledgePact, our services go beyond formal 4-6 weeks of instructor led training. Here are key differences that set us apart from other IT training companies

    • The founders are Industry Experts in Big Data and Data science Technologies with more than 20 years in IT
  • Unlike other IT training companies, we are a Technology company with focus on Big Data and Data Science
  • We are committed to building a strong Big Data Center Of Excellence that can be leveraged by our students and partners for executing POCs and doing product innovations
  • Our class projects(for extended training program) are executed on multi-node Amazon EC2 cluster with live support from Industry Experts
  • Our mission is to become the Industry leaders in Big Data, Advance Analytics and Data Science. Your success is guaranteed when you associate with us and commit to the training program
  • If you possess the pre-requisite skillsets and you are passionate about learning Big Data and beyond , you are welcome to give us a try

    KnowledgePact Extended Training Program

    At knowledgePact we have a meticulously prepared training curriculum with extended support for Project execution, Interview preparation and Marketing. This is all being done to empower you to succeed in the new emerging Big Data market place.
    Here are few details on our offerings –

    • A database in excess of 1000 quiz questions to prepare you for Hadoop Certification
  • Extensive Free study Material for Certification and Job preparation
  • Execute Real projects with Real data on Multi-node EC2 cluster
  • Extensive Interview preparation tips
  • Several Mini projects to work with to enhance your Hadoop skill sets
  • Resume Preparation targeted to the Job Description
  • Active Marketing by our Sales Team for placement
  • Extensive support in job
  • Above all, a clear cut guidance from Industry leaders who are already successful in this field.

    If you show the commitment, we will help you succeed !!!

    KnowledgePact Training & Placement paths

    We have created 2 distinct training paths for your success. You can choose Academics only or Extended Job oriented training route based on your needs. Please be advised that the timelines are different for both the programs and require different level of commitment. The primary difference between the two programs is the “Extended Program” that caters to Cloud based project execution, Certification help and Job preparation.

    KnowledgePact Roadmap

    At KnowledgePact, we have created a clear cut roadmap to help you achieve your academic and professional goals.

    Sample Hadoop Project at KnowledgePact- High Level Architecture

    Here is a sample high level Project Architecture Map that you as a student of the course will be executing on Amazon Cluster. The projects will be industry focused and are designed to give you the maximum exposure to real Industry experience.

    Instance 2 – Example Reference Architecture for Hadoop Augmented Data Warehouse

    Innovations at KnowledgePact

    At KnowledgePact, we are constantly working towards product and process innovation in the open source technology space. When you join our team, you could potentially participate in one or more of the projects in progress.

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