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Cloud (AWS) Platform Engineering Training is designed to build the required skillset to build, automate and manage Cloud products and services on AWS platform

The course is a comprehensive program covering platform setup, deep understanding on managed and market place products and configuration of various AWS cloud components inclusing S3, EC2, Lamda and other services


  • Module 1 –Cloud 101 – Understanding the Basics
  •        Big Data, What is cloud computing?
           Public, private, and hybrid clouds
           Map Reduce -Cloud service models – IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS
           Key Players in the market
           Setting up your AWS account
           The AWS management console
  • Module 2 – AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  •        What’s AWS
           AWS Product Categories and Overview
           AWS platform terminology and concepts
           Getting Started with AWS Management Console
           Using Virutal Servers with EC2
           AWS using Command Line Interface (CLI)
           Infrastructure Automation using CloudFormation
           Securing your Infrastructure with IAM
  • Module 3 – Data On AWS
  •        Compute Services
              AWS EC2
              Auto Scaling and Load Balancing
              AWS Lambda
              Elastic Beanstalk
           Storage Services 
              AWS EBS
              AWS S3
              AWS Glacier
              AWS CloudFront
              AWS Snowball
  • Module 4 - Database Services
  •        AWS RDS
           AWS DynamoDB
           AWS RedShift
           Security and Identity Services
  • Module 5 – Networking Services
  •        Amazon VPC
           Route 53
           Direct Connect
  • Module 6 – Management Tools
  •        AWS CloudTrail
           AWS CloudWatch
  • Module 7 – Application Services
  •        SES
  • Module 8 – Big Data
  •        EMR
  • Module 9 – Data on Cloud Use cases
  •        Transactional Database
           Streaming data
           Data Warehouse
           BIG Data


    The course is designed to get AWS Certified at Associate and Professional level for developer and big data specialty. Please refer to url for details


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    Course Features:

    • +  Class Room: 50 Hrs
    • Live instructor led sessions will cover the complete course curriculum including in-class Lab exercises. The class will also focus on extensive reference to real world use cases to help solidify the technology learning. Instructors will also conduct regular quiz sessions for each topic to internalize the understandings of the topic and prepare for the eventual certification path

    • +  Assignments: 40 Hrs
    • Most AWS modules (Redshift/EMR/EC2/DynamoDB etc..) will have in-class and offline assignments given by the instructor after the relevant topic. The students can post their assignments back in the forum and also can post questions on the forum, that will be answered by the instructor. The solutions to the assignments will be provided at the end, to validate the solutions

    • +  Project: 50 Hrs
    • Towards the middle of the course (Once most modules are covered in class), 2 distinct projects will be given to the students to execute the project in their respective AWS account. The requirements, scope and architecture of the solution will be provided as a baseline to work on the actual solution.

    • +  Get Certified
    • AWS developer course is designed to help students get certified with AWS certification at Associate and Professional level. Regular quizzes in the class and resources for offline study will be provided to get certified right after the course completion. We do encourage all students to get certified within 15-20 days of course completion

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