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Data Scientist course is designed to provide in-depth training on Data Science Concepts/Processes, R Language, Machine Learning Algorithms and Hadoop on distributed framework (RHadoop). A variety of Industry level case studies will be covered as part of the course to bolster the learning and prepare you for real life jobs. This is a five star level course designed for the most sought out subject in the 21st Century


  • Data Science Process
  •        Data Preparation
           Data Exploration
           Data Representation
           Data Discovery
           Learning from Data
           Creating a Data Product
           Insight, Deliverance and Visualization
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  •        Supervised and Unsupervised Algorithms
           Linear and Logistic Regression
           Classification and Clustering
           Association Rules and Nearest Neighbor
           Naive Bayes/K-Means/Knn/Decision Tree Algorithms and Others
  • Introduction to R Language
  •        Install R and RStudio
           R data structures (Vectors/Factors (Matrix/List/Data Frames/Arrays)
           Statistically analyze and explore data using R
           Reading xml, html, JSON and excel files in R
           Importing data from SQL databases
           Exploring and Visualizing data in R
           Machine Learning with R: Classification, Recommendations and Collaboration filtering
  • Introduction to Python for Data Science
  •        Setup Python development environment
           Dictionaries / Tuples / Sets / List / Arrays
           Python Environments - NumPy / Matplotlib / Scikit Learn
           Data Mining in Python
           Machine Learning with Python: Classification, Recommendations and Collaboration filtering
  • Applied Data Science with Case Studies
  •        Diagnosing breast cancer with the kNN algorithm
           Filtering mobile phone spam with the naive Bayes algorithm
           Identifying risky bank loans using C5.0 decision trees
           Predicting medical expenses using linear regression
           Finding teen market segments using k-means clustering
           Sentiment Analysis of Real-time Twitter data feed using R
  • Introduction to Apache Spark MlLib and Scala
  •        Introduction to Apache Spark Machine Learning Module
           Introduction to Scala Language
           Scala Traits, Classes, and Objects
           Machine Learning with Scala
  • Natural Language Processing
  •        Introduction to Natural Language Processing
           Introduction to NLTK ( natural Language Tool Kit) in Python
           Tokkenization, Stemming, Lemmatization and Classification
           Review NLP Use cases


    • +  Data science FAQ


    Data Science Curriculum is designed to prepare the students for the highly recognized Cloudera Certified Professional : Data Scientist (CCP: DS) Tests. Complete review of the 3 Data Science Modules will be covered in detail as part of the curriculum and make students ready for the highly coveted certification


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    Course Features:

    • +  In-Classroom : 80 hrs
    • Live instructor led sessions will cover the complete course curriculum including in-class Lab exercises. The class will also focus on extensive reference to real world use cases to help solidify the technology learning. Instructors will also conduct regular quiz sessions for each topic to internalize the understandings of the topic and prepare for the eventual certification path

    • +  Assignments: 40 hrs
    • There will be extensive offline Assignments in relevant data science topics like R and Machine Learning Algorithms. R being used as the core statistical scripting language for this subject, students will get few assignments in R and related topics. Students will also get opportunity to solve Machine Learning use cases from real life as part of their assignments

    • +  Project: 50 hrs
    • Data science course will involve solving few good real life Machine learning use cases utilizing the learning from the class and execute as projects end to end starting from data preparation, modeling the data and predicting or classifying as mandated by the requirement. The projects in Data science course would act more or less like real case studies and will enhance the marketability of the students

    • +  Lifetime Access
    • Students will get indefinite support on the Course topics from our pre-compiled FAQs on the course and also enjoy offline support from our team of professionals teaching the course

    • +  24x7 support
    • Course specific Forums will play a vital role in addressing student questions on the topics taught in the class. Forum will have read and write access from the students in the batch

    • +  Get Certified
    • Data Science course curriculum has a Certification path for Cloudera Data Science certification. Class room quizzes and offline exercises will help prepare the students for this market recognized certification

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